• Jonathan Sachweh
    Jonathan Sachweh E-Guitar
  • Maurin Bieler
    Maurin Bieler E-Bass
  • Aaron Berliat
    Aaron Berliat Lead Vocalist
  • Denis Zuppiger
    Denis Zuppiger E-Guitar
  • Leander Siddiqui
    Leander Siddiqui Drums

Band Description

Here comes the same – but different! Pop in a new, alternative livery. The five-piece band from Switzerland Delirious Mob Crew heads to conquer the music world. The band consists of singer and synth player Aaron Berliat, guitarists Jonathan Sachweh and Denis Zuppiger, bassist Maurin Bieler and drummer Leander Siddiqui. Their Music is a mixture of pop, indie rock and progressive rock. Or was it art rock?

Although the band doesn’t like defining its own style, new, thrilling sounds and catchy guitar riffs represent the bands type of music. They participated in several national contests and neither deceived the audience or the jury. Probably because they never heard such a distinguished sound before. The bands goal? To play music for all eternity that the band and their listeners enjoy.


8th Place: Emergenza international Bandcontest 2017 and “Best Guitar Player” award

1st Place: Emergenza national Bandcontest 2017 (Switzerland)

1st Place: Open See Contest 2017

1st Place: Open Air Lumnezia Startrampencontest 2016

2nd Place: Kammgarnstars Contest 2016

2nd Place: bandXost Contest 2015

1st Place: Contest 15 “Thurgau rockt”


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